Arte Pura is love at first sight

February is traditionally the month of love. A centuries-old tradition in which couples from all over the world celebrate on the same day and exchange romantic gifts. What better time to dedicate your lover an extra cuddle?

From setting the table for a romantic dinner, to choosing the details to create the perfect atmosphere, let yourself be inspired by the uncompromising romanticism of Arte Pura, to release yourself to the pure emotion that only an exclusive place can give you.

Arte Pura is uncompromising romanticism

Dinner is “romantic” by definition. No one is indifferent to the charm of feelings, so whether you are sentimental or classic, we have some ideas to offer you for a table worthy of such a special day. 

If you are hopelessly romantic, say it with Arte Pura

For the more passionate and romantic souls, for those who love the sparkle of a candlelight and the sound of violins in the background, we thought of a fresher table setting using our Arte Pura runners. In different colours and patterns they “embrace” the table, resting symmetrically on the two sides, where the finely decorated edges with different lace patterns give the mise en place your sophisticated touch. The particularity of the runner is that it allows you to see the table, where you can complete your perfect atmosphere by placing a tailoring candle in the centre of a cascade of scented petals.

Sense and sensibility, a perfect match 

On the other hand, an embroidered tablecloth and matching napkins are the perfect set-up for those who prefer a more sober and elegant style. The pure linen of Arte Pura tablecloths is processed using the best Italian tailoring techniques, to maintain the original properties of this precious and refined material. These tablecloths combined with their napkins form a classic evergreen combination, but when combined with different shades, they provide an original, modern and above all personal contrast.

Taking care of every detail to make you feel unique

For such an important dinner party, it’s nice to take care of every detail, and crystal-studded heart-shaped napkins are the final touch that can’t be missed on the table of incurable romantics. For a more playful and informal table, however, you will only need a nice bottle of sparkling wine decorated with a delicate Arte Pura drip saver, and why not, accompanied by a card with a sweet personal dedication.

Love should be celebrated every day but…

It is often said that love should be celebrated every day, but what’s wrong with celebrating it once more? Let’s follow clichés for a day and after creating a breathtaking rendez-vous, we’ve done our part,you can start thinking about a fabulous menu, and don’t forget a gift, a little thought to put the icing on the cake. Let us know how your night has gone!

Lava Old

140x200cm linen tablecloth with frame

COD: AP1.021
166,00 VAT included
Lava Old

180x320cm heavy linen tablecloth with frame

COD: AP1.822
205,00 VAT included

L’amore si celebra ogni giorno ma…

Spesso si dice che l’amore vada celebrato ogni giorno, ma che male c’è a festeggiarlo una volta in più? Abbandonatevi ai cliché per un giorno e dopo aver creato un rendez-vous da lasciare senza fiato, noi abbiamo fatto la nostra parte, voi cominciate a pensare a un menù da favola, e non dimenticatevi un regalo, un piccolo pensiero che sarà la ciliegina sulla torta. Fateci sapere com’è andata!

We are here for you! 

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