Arte Pura trousse: tell us who you are

Freedom is also functionality

We designed a wide selection of Arte Pura’s trousses to meet tastes and needs of all styles, because for us beauty is also practicality.  Many colors, shapes and sizes, for everyone of you. From the largest to be kept in your bathroom to the smallest to be carried with you every day, even in your bag.  But which type fits with your lifestyle? Find it out by continuing to read this article, and then share with us the creations that represent you more.

For everyone its personal style

Mary Poppins’s Model: all in one bag

If you’re one of those people who likes having everything under control in every moment and you like very roomy (like Mary Poppins) shoulder bags, our larger size cases represent your ideal of “necessary” space. Because your  friends can always count on you if they need a mascara, a candy or a pocket-sized perfume, and Arte Pura cases sort products as if your bag were a small closet and our trousse precious drawers.

Survivor model: the bare essentials

On the contrary, if you like to go out with a pouch or at most a shoulder bag, our small trousse are the perfect size for your essentials (house keys, wallet and go!). Otherwise, even better, place them at home on the bathroom countertop to hold your evening beauty routine.

Glamour model: women’s best friends

For lovers of shimmering details, we have thought of a more sophisticated trousse’s style. 

The Arte Pura cases of the inLove line are characterized by very fine decorations that form crystal hearts, perfect to accompany you in those relaxing moments after the shower or to have a particularly chic touch always with you in your handbag.

Via Col Vento model: a touch of romanticism

For those who prefer a more romantic style, trousses decorated with Arte Pura laces maintain the functionality of a case but are enriched with embroideries of infinite weaves, interlacements that vary from the simplest to the most sumptuous, so that each of you can choose the ideal fantasy.

And you? How do you feel today?

We are here for you! 

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