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Ispirati alla natura

Inspired by nature

A natural-chic look for World Environment Day

Respect for nature is at the heart of Arte Pura creations. We choose fabrics and dyes with the lowest possible environmental impact so that you can live in environments that enhance the true beauty of our surroundings.


Choosing a natural look for the home is a style trend 2022 but above all it is a noble philosophy of life to follow. On 5 June, World Environment Day, dress your table with a natural-chic décor.


Dress up your table with a linen tablecloth in neutral shades, such as Minerale old, embellished with a delicate decoration such as arabesque embroidery, which with its interlacing of geometric and floral motifs lends refinement to a simple table. Embellish the mise en place with modern handmade ceramic plates, and accompany the cutlery with linen napkins to match the tablecloth.

Did you know that ceramic plates are a green alternative to porcelain? The reason lies in the way they are made, that is by baking mixtures of clays and natural earths in an oven, ideal for everyday use. Moreover, if they are handmade, they acquire that value of craftsmanship that makes them unique.

Follow these little tips and create a simple table with a quiet, authentic style and irresistible charm. Add a few wood, green or floral touches and the atmosphere will be magical.

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Only natural raw materials


Respect for the environment and for people


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