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Find out how to choose the right trousse for you!

From the largest decorated with lace to the smallest in simple linen, we have come up with a wide selection of trousse to meet all styles and needs. So many colours, shapes and sizes, but which one fits your routine best? Tell me who you are and I'll tell you which one you'll fall in love with!

Mary Poppins: lace trousse set

If you are one of those people who walk around with huge bags to make sure you have everything you need with you, then you will love the colour-coordinated lace trousse sets. In the large bag you can put your perfume and creams so they don't accidentally get opened, in the medium bag your earphones and chargers will be tidy and easy to find, and thanks to the small bag you won't lose your keys, pens and make-up. Your friends will definitely be able to count on your Mary Poppins-style bag!

Athlete: simple and practical

For sports and fitness enthusiasts, these accessories will come to your aid in keeping your gym bag tidy at all times. Use the cotton clutch bags for storing wet towels and the rectangular zipped bags for slippers or spare clothes. Simple but extremely convenient and useful.

Glamour: trousse with crystals

For people who love glamour, on the other hand, we have come up with a style of trousse with glittering details. The Arte Pura cases from the inLove line feature fine crystal heart decorations, perfect for brightening up those relaxing moments after a shower or for having a particularly chic touch always with you in your handbag. A perfect accessory to get noticed!

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