Free shipping and returns on orders over € 200*

Free shipping and returns on orders over € 200*



Arte Pura’s fibers (Linen and Cotton) are the results of the collaboration with the best worldwide suppliers, able to certify the highest level of quality of fabrics from every point of view. The whole Arte Pura world, from raw material producers to artisans who weave and work our fabrics, is committed and involved in a production process that affects with a minimal impact our environment


We have chosen to protect our heritage, the value of the work of many people who have always supported us in our story. The production of Arte Pura respects a specific ethical code from the collection and processing of the raw material up to the direct sale, oriented to make the most of human resources and their expertise.

Boundless Colours

Choosing Arte Pura you will discover a combination of unique nuances and countless shades at your disposal at all times. A poem of colors that tells the story of a time of boundless beauty...which passes from naturalness of the raw fabric, the purity of white, the OLD effect dyes, up to the refinement of the most advanced techniques such as Vintage and EcoWash.

Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” is for us not a simple label, but an identity that we have chosen to take care of and a commitment taken with people who dedicate passion and handcraft know-how to our creations. Together with them we write every day for you a truly Italian craft story. 


One of our fundamental principles is your freedom of choice. 
We love to offer you the opportunity to play with our items without bind the your creativity. You can combine freely colours, laces, crystals and precious decorations to make your choice unique and personalized. Because every Arte Pura creation is preparing to tell a new story that can surprise, excite and belongs only to you.


Wellness is about places and environments designed and conceived for a personal experience in pure harmony with the natural elements that surround us. It’s a time to dedicate exclusively to the care of ourselves and to recover the essential values of our inner balance.


Touch gently the texture of Arte Pura, caress the poetry of our laces and let your gaze be captured by every detail. Luxury is simply the value of a choice free of compromises.


Each Arte Pura creation is the result of a unique story to be read through your touch. Choosing Arte Pura means respecting one’s own identity and sharing a lifestyle that belongs in a different way to each one of us.

Next to paradise

If Arte Pura answers as well your need of harmony, we can dress and furnish your spaces together, sharing the art and sensitivity of Daniela Dallavalle for beauty and transforming evert place into an experience that travels “Next to paradise” (“Di fianco al paradiso”).


We believe in people and in their free harmony. We are convinced that designing an idea of well-being is useful for improving the quality of human relationships, based on the real connection between different thoughts, desires and energies.

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