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Our brands

The Daniela Dallavalle Group faithfully interprets the dream of its namesake founder: to enhance the quality of life moments for each of us. It conveys the value of beauty and Italian craftsmanship through textile, artistic, and design creations, made to dress people and the spaces they inhabit.

It is an interplay of shapes and colours that break the classic fashion dogmas of seasonality or gender to create new and unexpected harmonies. Contradictions and new combinations are its foundations, untied from any trend, choosing to experiment freely with new alchemies. In this whirlwind of mix&match, all the sartorial details of the past, represented by the couture world, are enclosed. The result is a journey through time, an interplay of iconic shapes and colours that break with classicism.

It is the total look line of women's clothing. Elisa Cavaletti tells a unique story, yet interconnected with others through the same philosophy of passion for life, of those who love to lose themselves and constantly rediscover. The attention to artisanal details, the originality of the prints hand-drawn by the designer, and the careful choice of fabrics give rise to unique looks.

Arte Pura, logo

It is a lifestyle imagery created by artist Daniela Dallavalle in response to a growing desire to live in environments where nature and well-being come together in a profound balance. This gives rise to unique and refined objects. If the home is our second skin and the expression of our essence, Arte Pura tiptoes closer to those who find beauty in small gestures and in the richness of raw materials such as linen and cotton, but also to those who love the essential and free style to the more romantic and regal.

It is the exclusive Eau de Parfum (100ml) inspired by nature, created by Daniela Dallavalle to treat the senses to a journey between aroma and matter. Its glass ampoule is completely handmade with material decorations inspired by the D.Doll collection to be collected and treasured.