Free shipping and returns on orders over € 200*

Free shipping and returns on orders over € 200*


Our linen is endless modernity. A choice of contemporary lifestyle, background of the rhythm of life. Dedicated to those who live their experiences with the space as a moment of pure freedom, looking for a concreteness that should go along with a style without compromises.

“Pub style” apron in heavy linen

COD: 2000000120690
55,00 VAT included

Decorative pillowcase in light linen with “Sinergia” lace

COD: 2000010051328
72,00 VAT included

Decorative pillowcase studded with crystals

COD: 2000009882711
95,00 VAT included

Decorative pillowcase with “Sinergia” lace

COD: 2000010048335
69,00 VAT included

Double duvet cover with “Sinergia” lace

COD: 2000010145348
420,00 VAT included

Heavy linen bath set towel, face and guest

COD: 2000000910239
129,00 VAT included

Heavy linen bathrobe with hood

COD: AP4.812
145,00179,00 VAT included

Heavy linen dishcloth

COD: 2000000147345
16,50 VAT included

Large trousse with “Sinergia” lace

COD: 2000010052035
59,00 VAT included

Lightweight linen double fitted sheet

COD: AP2.932
165,00232,00 VAT included

Linen and organza curtain with “Onde” embroidery

COD: 2000009910308
440,00 VAT included

Pair of placemats studded with crystals

COD: 2000010306848
140,00 VAT included
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