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Lace Arte Pura

Lace Arte Pura, an endless fantasy story

We reinvented the richness of the lace intertwining the best italian tradition with modernity. A proposal of design to valorize your precious environment.

In the common imaginary the lace and the embroidery are elements linked to the more classical tradition, a past that sometimes remembers those centerpieces used on our family tables and that today seem almost outdated. Actually, in those decors is possible to rediscover an artisanal value that, today more than ever, matches perfectly to the most various design concept, rich and exuberant for those who love a traditional style, light and essential for those who have a more modern idea of house and of design that touches the industrial.

Farnese lace, noble and sophisticated

Weaves that enhance at the most a noble and sophisticated style. His traditional lines valorize the furnishing through rich and distinctive patterns that remind the Renaissance inlays of Italian architectures, for those who love the tradition without renouncing to modernity.

Elegante and Armonia, refined and exclusive

The shapes of your furnishing will gain new shades through the refined and exclusive fantasies of the embroideries Elegante and Armonia, light and delicate nuances perfect to valorize the beauty of a romantic and fancy style.

Sinergia, finesse at its purest

For those who adopt an innovative lifestyle through the refinement of the spaces, the decorated natural tissues Arte Pura together with the refined and elegant trims of our Sinergia lace enhance the clean lines of a simple and contemporary style.

Laces Arte Pura, an endless story

The textures Arte Pura are infinite, the choice is dictated only by your creative taste free from compromises, to make special every corner of your house, a comeback to the craftsmanship in which the value and the elegance are the “evergreen” of every style.
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