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Immerse yourself in the experience of dining in an industrial loft

Dedicated to lovers of minimalist lines and raw materials such as steel, concrete and brick, the Industrial style transforms the home into an environment of absolute freedom.


Recovery is the philosophy behind the Industrial style, born in New York in the 1950s from the need to convert offices into homes and made famous thanks to pop art and Hollywood. Characterised by dark colours such as grey and black, it is ideal for tall, spacious rooms such as open spaces and lofts where the beauty of concrete and the sheen of steel are enhanced by the natural light coming in through the windows.


In the Industrial Experience, Arte Pura is coloured in Lava Old grey and pure white to dress up the Industrial furnishings, enhancing their vintage character and creating cosy, contemporary living spaces. Lava Old, combined with geometric decoration, is an innovative shade that infuses the room with tranquillity and is renewed over time, creating ever-changing nuances depending on the time of day. White, combined with Sinergia lace, is the colour of purity, recalling the balance of shapes and illuminating rooms. The right balance to dress your home at its best.

From the dining room to the bedroom, the colour combination enriched with soft lace will transform your home into a modern and cosy ambience.

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