Luxury is first of all freedom of choice. Creations enriched in every detail, because everyday is an unique experience to be lived with intensity. Crystals are point of light spots, colors combine with each others in a clear contrast, mother-of-pearl buttons to preserve the richness strictly tied to a crafthandship italian heritage that makes exclusive each place.

“Pub style” apron in heavy linen

COD: 2000000120690
55,00 VAT included

“Pub style” apron with crystals

COD: 2000000121628
60,00 VAT included

Big cube candle with “Roses” lace

COD: 2000007846562
49,50 VAT included

Big trousse

COD: 2000009384307
54,00 VAT included

Big trousse with “Farnese” lace

COD: 2000009505870
55,00 VAT included

Box of 6 napkins

COD: AP1.498.6
60,0080,00 VAT included

Box of lightweight linen napkin

COD: 2000006440006
85,00 VAT included

Canvas simple mini basket

COD: 2000005152375
27,00 VAT included

Chair cover in sweatshirt fabric with pockets

COD: 2000009034554
120,00 VAT included

Cotton and chenille blanket with “Lurex” edge

COD: AP2.461
325,00 VAT included

Cotton and linen kimono

COD: AP4.431
200,00 VAT included

Cotton bedspread with “Striped” elastic embroidery

COD: 2000008287319
869,00 VAT included

Cotton pochette

COD: AP6.895
49,50 VAT included

Decorative and anti-slip carpet with “Gotico” embroidery

COD: 2000009763218
275,00 VAT included

Decorative heavy linen pillowcase with strings

COD: 2000000420042
46,00 VAT included

Decorative pillowcase in heavy linen with strings

COD: 2000000516356
69,00 VAT included