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noi siamo essenza

Eau de Parfum “Noi siamo essenza”

A perfume inspired by nature

The natural fragrance Noi Siamo Essenza was born from the creative soul of Daniela Dallavalle to respond to a desire for beauty and well-being: to perfume your time and your feeling with art. The nobility of an ancient knowledge, the finest natural essences and that desire to make everything special, tell the future of the best Italian craft tradition.

Noi Siamo Essenza Eau de Parfum is an expression of a philosophy of life based on respect for people, love of nature and passion for existence, which Daniela Dallavalle infuses into everything she creates.

A fragrance inspired by nature

A combination of spring-like essences, continuing in intensity in a bouquet of cyclamen and magnolia with a delicate touch of musk. A silent barefoot stroll in unspoiled nature.

Fragranza noi siamo essenza

A perfume to be collected

The cruet that contains Noi Siamo Essenza is handmade inspired by the colors and textural decorations of Daniela Dallavalle's D.Doll collection, one of the iconic accessories of the creative soul. The perfume is the same, the ampoule instead is dressed in as many colors as the personalities of the wearer. The number on each ampoule indicates from D.Doll with which it is associated.


A fragrance for her and for him

The experience of We Are Essence respects the deep nature of those who choose it. We are free to be what we feel we are; passion for existence is our form of freedom.

A tribute to Italian tradition

Like all creations inspired by Daniela Dallavalle, Noi Siamo Essenza is made entirely in Italy by the best local artisans, a commitment we have always made and have chosen to maintain over time.

Noi Siamo Essenza is one of the creations inspired by Daniela Dallavalle's art and creativity, a perfume to wear and an object to collect. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when new decorations will be released!

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