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Arte Pura – Di fianco al Paradiso (Next to Paradise) is a universal (contemporary) lifestyle imagery, created by artist and designer Daniela Dallavalle to respond to a growing contemporary desire: to live in harmonious environments where beauty, nature and well-being come together in a profound balance.

Through the care of details, Arte Pura interprets the vital energy that every space can express and invites us to live every place of our daily life with intensity.

An imagery of universal lifestyle contemporary and free from compromise.
The nobility of ancient knowledge, well-being as a contemporary lifestyle.
The modernity that crosses time, an ancient value that tells the future. A future of Pure Art dedicated to your wellness experience.

Arte Pura recalls the simplicity of beauty, the essence of beauty that belongs to Italy and to its roots. This is why we look for beauty in small gestures and we collect it from the raw materials we choose from the purest Linen and the softest Cotton.In this way we can create much more than a weave of threads of sublime quality, we can dedicate a suggestion of the soul in an ethereal space where you can dream, a sensory experience “next to Paradise”.