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giocare all'infinito con il colore

Playing endlessly… with colour

30 different shades in the Arte Pura world

Close your eyes and start thinking about everything that would make your home a comfortable place to spend moments of pure relaxation and create a space to live.

Close your eyes and imagine how your home could change if only you chose to play with colour.

It has been proven that the use of colour in the home contributes to the quality of our spaces, and consequently to our daily well-being.

Colour therapy experts have determined positive and regenerating effects of colour especially when we find them in rooms such as the bathroom or the bedroom, where intimacy is the protagonist.


The Arte Pura world presents more than 30 different nuances. A poem of colour that is recognisable by its naturalness, capable of providing a visual experience that makes you feel good. Starting with the purest white, you can explore the brightness of the most vibrant hues, or allow yourself to be won over by the delicacy of the Old effect, an Arte Pura must-have.

30 nuances differenti arte pura

Vintage Ecowash, Ispirato dalla natura

Abbiamo scelto di utilizzare colorazioni che rispettano la qualità dei nostri tessuti e soprattutto l’ambiente. Il nostro effetto Old rinnova le sue caratteristiche ad ogni lavaggio, perchè le sfumature valorizzano la fibra naturale del lino. I toni del Gesso, Minerale, Caramella in tinta Old, sono delicati e preziosi e irresistibili per chi ama Arte Pura.

To combine the naturalness of colour with sustainability, choose Vintage Ecowash, a patented technique that allows Arte Pura fabrics to be dyed using natural pigments, applied in contact with recycled cork shavings and purified water for an absolutely green 'stone' effect, available in the colours Paradiso, Memoria, Infinito, Rosato.


Colours tell us who we are, their choice says a lot about our personality. That is why our colour range is always wide and constantly renewed. Play endlessly with Arte Pura colours, and tell us which are your favourites. The choice is yours!

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