Right to relax

Dedicate yourself an exclusive and regenerating relax

December has arrived, with few degrees less and so much desire for cuddles…So what’s better than reserving yourself some little attention during free times, for a hot and restoring bath, for starting a new tv series that you wanted to see for a long time or a good film, those great timeless classics. That’s why today we want to show you how to seize the opportunity to dedicate yourself a personal relaxing moment or to give it to a person that you love… thanks to Arte Pura, of course! All that you need is an intimate and quiet place. Adding a trousse to keep your favourite make up (and maybe also natural cosmetics that respect nature as we like), scented candles to fill the atmosphere with magic wearing our soft slippers. Your personal spa is ready.

Take care of yourself and those around you

After a whole day spent at work or in the thousands daily commitments, you can’t wait to tuck your feet in the soft Arte Pura terry slippers, elegantly decorated with the heart that distinguishes the inLove collection. A creation designed to be combined with our cotton mat, a chic combination that gives you a dual beneficial effect after a hot shower. And why don’t you reserve this treatment also to someone you care about? There is nothing better than saying “I care about you” to a person that you love giving the well-being of a comfortable slipper or our scented candles, the perfect combination for those who deserve a relaxing  moment.

Gift Arte Pura, beauty from the gift box

For the gifts we have thought as always to a refined packaging, choosing the organza that wraps items with bright transparency, making unique and precious every small or big thought. The attention to details always makes the difference!

Stay tuned!

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