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Cosa non sai del lino

What don’t you know about linen?

The advantages and properties of flax that not everyone knows about

Linen is a natural textile fibre that has been used since ancient times. Besides its naturalness and aesthetic strength, linen has many other advantages and properties that not everyone knows about. Here are some of them!

Linen is very easy to wash and iron

Washing and ironing linen is very easy, despite common thinking to the contrary. With a neutral detergent, gentle washing and a very light spin cycle, there is not even any need to iron. For more tips on how to wash and iron linen, read our article here.

The characteristic strength and durability of linen, as well as its natural fibre, make this process even more practical. The fabric does not deteriorate over time, but from wash to wash becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch.

It has no seasonality and is versatile

Fashion trends almost always associate linen with warm seasons, and today the idea is that it tends to be a summer fabric. In reality, linen fibre is an excellent insulator and thermoregulator, therefore perfect for all seasons: in summer it gives a feeling of coolness and in winter it keeps the temperature constant. Furthermore, it is a breathable fibre, i.e. it allows the skin to breathe and regenerate, and is able to absorb moisture from the body. This is why it is ideal not only as clothing, but also as bed linen, because it greatly improves the quality of sleep.

Linen is the solution to (almost) every problem
Linen is one of the greenest fabrics we know. Sustainable and ecological, it has a very low environmental impact because its cultivation protects the soil and enriches it with humus and absorbs more CO2 than other crops in the textile industry. Furthermore, no artificial irrigation (it uses rainwater) and pesticides are used. It does not generate waste, as each part of the harvested plant has a specific function (oil, seeds, dye, etc.). In addition to cultivation, the fabric is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

In addition, linen is excellent for the skin because, by filtering UVA rays, it protects it from the sun, is hypoallergenic and bactericidal and does not attract dust. Perfect for the most sensitive and delicate skin!

Do you have other curiosities about linen? In this article we list five good reasons to choose it.

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