White Experience: the lightness of white

What is Arte Pura Experience? 

We believe that everyone should intensively live your own ideal design, thus we have created a decorating philosophy that enhances every lifestyle, true Arte Pura experiences that allow you to truly live your environments.

These experiences take shape of themes that represent a lifestyle, a set of creations to make you become the designer of your spaces.

Colours, shapes and decorations have been precisely designed to represent each soul, to live in harmonious environments where beauty, nature and well-being melt together in a profound balance.

It all starts with the White Experience, a classic and sophisticated theme in which the colour white plays the starring role.

White Experience: the lightness of white

White. The starting point for transforming every space into a place of love and absolute freedom. We have created an experience inspired by the essence of pure nature.

To dress every space 

The main feature of this theme is that the colour white can interpret each style, from the most classic to the most modern, depending on the patterns that characterise the fabric decorations. 

For example, the refined weaves of Crochet Lace are inspired by a traditional design because they give romantic nuances to the tablecloths and runners of pure Arte Pura linen. 

Gothic Embroidery expresses a simpler nature and it is perfectly suited to more minimal and essential tastes. Mother-of-pearl Agoya buttons crown the edges of pillowcases and duvet covers, adding a touch of richness to a generally more sober decoration.

Finally, for those who love the beauty of simplicity, the purest and rawest linen creations maintain the authenticity of the material and forms through precise and smooth lines that enhance the furnishings, from the most sumptuous, characterised by trimmings and carvings to the simplest while maintaining the original philosophy intact.

The White Experience is a stylistic passepartout in which you are the visual and designer of your environments, a boundless game inspired by beauty.

White to give light to every space. 

Another important feature of this colour is its ability to metamorphose, i.e. depending on the light and how it is affected by the sun’s rays, it can change the perception of the room. 

For example, if you have a wide, bright dining room, the huge amount of light filtering through the glass will give the linen tablecloth a more icy colour, giving the material a massive physicality.  On the contrary, in a more closed and modular room, like a bathroom, white towels will tend to an ivory colour creating a delicate antique connotation. 

It is not surprising that this ability to change is much appreciated and used in interior decoration. The result will always be an atmosphere of purity in which light shines on every fabric, to dress every house with a timeless elegance that can only be interpreted by the most classic shade of all: white.

We are here for you! 

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